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Here's How the Feel It Through Method Can Work Wonders
In Your Life — Even
If You've Tried Everything

The Feel It Through Method is truly groundbreaking because it actually gives you permission to feel what you've been holding in for years, even decades.

Have you ever tried to hold a basketball under water?

Maybe not, but just imagine it for a moment. There you are, in a pool with a basketball, fully inflated. You're trying, just for fun, to see how long you can keep that ball under the surface of the water.

It wants to float. It must float. But you're not giving it permission. You're holding it down against its will. And not only do you hold it down, but now you start pushing it deeper and deeper under the water, and the ball gets heavier and heavier.

But what happens when you finally let go? The ball races to the surface and when it reaches the top it leaps out of the water with a tremendous force of energy, actually going a foot or two above the surface.

This is what can happen to you.

Like that basketball, you're holding your own feelings under water, day after day, deeper and deeper. And it's heavy. It's a struggle. That's why you're tired all the time, fatigued, even suffering from head and stomach and other physical problems.

Holding these feelings back is not your natural way to be.

Wouldn't it be great if you could, like that ball that's just been released, race to the surface and leap with a new energy and vitality, feeling like a kid again? It all happens when you give yourself permission to experience those feelings, the 5 senses, about your past and your present, and the excitement about a new future.

And when you have permission, when you allow yourself to let the feelings manifest instead of being held down, some amazing things begin to happen:

Your attitude improves

You start to overcome negativity

You give a new energy level to your creativity

You open the flow of innovation

You develop teamwork towards greater harmony

Your perception of your life and your surrounding will change

It’s like you’ve been given a winning
lottery ticket and the worlds just
waiting for you to claim your big prize

The Feel It Through Method will open up new worlds of opportunity for you, because once you see the potential of a clear mind and open heart, free of stress and anxiety and guilt, the world can be your oyster.

You and I will embark on a path of self-discovery that few people in the world ever encounter.

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If we are a good fit, then we'll take that next step and begin to implement the Feel It Through Method in your own life.


Jodi Michele Cooley is an extraordinary coach with a skill-set like no other. She is intuitive, thought-provoking, loving, compassionate and I know she has my best interest at heart. Once Jodi taught me her Feel It Thru Method, I couldn't stop using it! As a result, daily, I process my feelings in a more effective, authentic and "real" way. Before, I wanted to ignore my feelings or "wrong" them but with Jodi's coaching, I've realized my feelings are normal, healthy but if I don't process them appropriately can be the obstacles preventing me to living out my dreams. Because of Jodi's coaching and training, I am living the life of my dreams! I am a full-time entrepreneur not working for anybody but myself; I have the personal freedom I have always desired! Thank you Jodi!

Laurie Santos
Founder of Extreme Dream Training and Coaching

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