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He who finds diamonds must grapple in mud and mire because diamonds are not found in polished stones. They are made.

-- Henry B. Wilson


Are You Overwhelmed and Held Down by Endless Distractions?

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Ready to Take Hold of Some New and Better Feelings?

“Come With Me and I'll
Reveal to You a World Filled Where Demoralizing Fatigue Becomes
Vibrant Health
Nagging Doubt Becomes
Soaring Confidence

and Crippling Fear Becomes
Unbridled Joy


If you're ready for Probabilities Instead of Mere Possibilities, then let's explore the miracle of the Feel It Thru Coaching Program!

A Life-Altering Message from Jodi Cooley

Dear Friend,

It's not your fault.

All the things that are happening to you, whether it's the aches and pains, the fatigue, the frustrations of your current state of mind, or maybe it's your fear about an uncertain future, your “is that all there is” doubts about your present, or your guilt and “if only” regrets of the past.

You are not to blame. Do you hear me?

Now that may come as small consolation, especially since there are people who would have you believe just the opposite. That everything is of your own doing. That you are ultimately responsible for your lot in life.

But that's not how I see it and here's why...

...Because You Don't Yet Know the
Secret of How to Change Things

How are you supposed to make things better if no one told you what it takes to do it? You're not a mind reader. You didn't climb to the top of some mountain to speak with some “all-knowing” guru.

And the reason why the self-help section of the bookstore is so packed with books and people is because there is no magic potion for health, happiness and peace of mind, no silver bullet to make everything all better.

So you keep looking, and hoping that one day things will be different. And in the meantime here you are, living out your life, as the pages on the calendar blow by like leaves on a windy autumn afternoon.

But this story doesn't have to play out like this anymore.

Your story, your life, can be more. You can be happier. You can improve your outlook, your health, and your destiny with the Feel It Thru Method.

I'm Jodi Cooley, and I can be your personal guide because I've walked in your shoes

Like most of us I grew up in a dysfunctional family! We all did, some were a lot more dysfunctional then others. I know what it’s like to be crippled from self-doubt, low self-esteem, feeling not enough, not deserving or worthy. But I do know from my own experience you can reclaim your life and get back those tools that you missed out on those crucial informative years.

But then something miraculous happened to me. I had an epiphany! I woke up one morning and I was sick and tired of feeling like my life wasn’t working and I was bound and determined to get to the bottom of  why I was constantly not getting the results I wanted in my life.

Through my journey of self exploration I got certified and educated several different modalities. I then founded my own company Life Investments Inc. and invented my own programs that helped me get through my dark nights of the soul, one of which is the “Feel It Thru Method”.

Today I am so blessed to speak, coach and mentor people all over the world to become the best they can be, to come up from the depths, to make some amazing discoveries about themselves and to come out on the other side with a rekindled spark, a re-energized success path, and a renewed hope for the future that has been lying dormant for so long.

Just click here to learn more about this revolutionary method that can literally change your life.


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"In three words, 'Jodi is right.' Her philosophy-- that we need to be present to our lives as they are is exactly correct! Amen, amen, amen."

Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer

Jodi Michele Cooley is an extraordinary coach with a skill-set like no other. She is intuitive, thought-provoking, loving, compassionate and I know she has my best interest at heart. Once Jodi taught me her Feel It Thru Method, I couldn't stop using it! As a result, daily, I process my feelings in a more effective, authentic and "real" way.

Before, I wanted to ignore my feelings or "wrong" them but with Jodi's coaching, I've realized my feelings are normal, healthy but if I don't process them appropriately can be the obstacles preventing me to living out my dreams.

Because of Jodi's coaching and training, I am living the life of my dreams! I am a full-time entrepreneur not working for anybody but myself; I have the personal freedom I have always desired! Thank you Jodi!

Laurie Santos
Founder of Extreme Dream Training and Coaching


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